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Friday, May 11, 2007

Fat, Getting Fatter

Seems like I've been having to suck in my gut a lot lately, like I put on some weight or something. I was right.

Work and school have taken a toll on my waist, weight, and general health. Five days a week, I eat lunch at my desk, rarely sampling fresh air between 7am and 4pm. To borrow one from Dick Cheney, I'm in the "last throes" of my MBA program, and the volume of work is overwhelming. So it came as no surprise when last week, I weighed in at.. well, let's just say it's a 52 Week High. Until I finish my degree in early June, my ability to exercise is severely limited. The only way to combat this offensive weight gain is through the most dreaded method of all: diet. Since the next four weeks will be miserable anyway - consumed with schoolwork and deficient in any form of entertainment or amusement - I have decided to implement a diet. Heck, I really have nothing to live for until school finishes. Why not go on a diet?

I came across a rather strict plan on the front page of del.icio.us that claims to drop 20 lbs of fat in four weeks. This is a stricter version of the slow-carb diet used by the Ultimate Human Being Dean Carnazes. I would be happy with 15 lbs in that time, and I'd be even happier if I looked half as good as Dean. So I started on Monday.

Discipline is the biggest killer of diets for the majority of people. This isn't my first foray in hardcore diet/exercise regimens, though. In April 2006, I implemented a 16-week program I found in Men's Fitness (one of the few fitness mags I trust) that gave phenomenal results. So discipline isn't a problem. I treat these things for what they are - experiments in life - and I'm looking forward to seeing the results. Expect some updates along the way, assuming progress is realized.

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